Thursday, June 4, 2015

Uitlity: Reading and Writing PCI, IO and memory with Linux Firmware Debug Kit (lfdk) in Linux

Many BIOS engineers are familiar with ru.exe in DOS and R/W everything in Windows.  One frequently asked question is whether there is an equivalent utility in Linux.  The answer is "sort of".

Linux Firmware Debug Kit (lfdk) provides read/write functions to PCI[1], IO and memory spaces.

lfdk's deb package is available but it is outdated. I usually download [3] and compile source code, and run ldfk manually in a terminal (ctrl + alt + T if you are running Ubuntu +Unity) as below:

  1. sudo apt-get install -f git libncurses-dev
  2. git clone
  3. cd lfdk
  4. make
  5. cd bin
  6. sudo insmod ./lfdd_drv.ko
  7. sudo ./lfdk

A familiar screen will pop up

The navigation  is to use arrow keys and hotkeys L, M and I to different spaces as instructed on the bottom of the lfdk.

[1] Built-in lspci command can be used to read PCI configuration space, too
[2] This is tested in Ubuntu Linux 12.04 to 15.04.
[3] One can also download the source code from above.

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  1. Alex, some minor correction in your step 3 of building lfdk, it should "cd lfdk1". Great tool! thanks for sharing it. :)